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Here you can find (by clicking on the arrow) short videos about the specific subjects:

Ideal conditions

Class I Ideal Occlusion

Normal Eruption

Laterale Excursion (ideal)

Protrusive Excursion (ideal)

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Jaw joint

TMJ – Normal

Disc Displacement

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Orthodontic treatment of mixed dentition

E-space: Lower Holding Arch

Early Loss Primary First Molar

Haas Rapid Palatal Expansion Braces After

High-Pull Headgear

Nance Appliance

Space Maintainer Unilateral

Serial Extraction Therapy

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Orthodontic treatment of permanent teeth

Elastic Tool Separator

Indirect Bonding Procedure

Elastics Class II Overjet

Selfligating Brackets

Trans-Palatal Arch (TPA)

Build-up of Lateral Incisor

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Use of wax


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Oral hygiene

Brushing Techniques

Brushing with Proxabrush

Flossing with Superfloss

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