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3D Dentistry

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

We will take an image of your head using cone beam CT if required. This new technology has been specifically developed for dental/orthodontic diagnostic procedures. It is used in the event of TMJ problems (jaw joint problems), impacted teeth or other pathologies in the head and neck area (e.g. cysts or tumours).

The 3D image generated provides precise information on the anatomical situation and enables both precise diagnosis and the development of an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan.

Cone beam computed tomography exposes our patients to a considerably lower dose of radiation than traditional CT scanners.

The following 3D imaging machines (CBCT’s) are used in our practice: either an I-Cat ® or, if a small field of view (FOV) with a high resolution is desired, the Instrumentarium® CBCT.

3D Intraoral Scanner

With this innovative technology we can produce digital models. We scan your teeth and thus obtain a precise digital impression of your teeth. We use this scanner for the manufacture of aligners as well as TMJ splints and certain orthodontic appliances.

Digital scans of your teeth are also used in the cooperation with our oral surgeons for visual surgical treatment planning (STO), as well as for the production of printed digital 3D splints during orthognathic surgery.